Saturday, 28 March 2009

Babushka bunting

This idea just popped in to my head the other day. I can't believe I didn't think of it before! Most of my ideas get written down and can take ages for me to get around to. It alreday available to buy here.

I just couldn't wait with this one and made it on Thursday night while Dan was at the pub. I should have been making some of my crocheted bunting for a special order but I figured I can make that on Sunday evening.

I machine appliqued the dolls,  well I thought it was about time I used some of the many functions on my embroidery machine. I have only really used it for straight and zigzag stitch.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if the boys will let me hang some of this around the house. Probably - if I can make some with robots on it instead (thats another idea to add to the list).

Oh, and I wanted to show you this too. My little cupcake number! I made this for my friends daughter who was two on Thursday. I plan to make more after she has test ran it for me. I also bought her a Fifi backpack which she has decided she wants to take everywhere with her.

Also I forgot to say in my last blog that my trip to London with the girls was lots and lots of fun. It was so great catching up and having a whole weekend together. I will post some piccies from my trip soon.
B x

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I have written my first pattern!

My Sir Lucas knight hat pattern is finally ready and for sale. It has taken a lot longer than I expected, I thought I could just type up my notes but I wanted to make sure it was just right. I have to admit I have had a little help with it from Emma Lamb. Who very kindly checked the pattern and gave me some very helpful suggestions.

I only emailed her the pattern last Wednesday and I got an email back on Monday to say she had finished it. The photograph below shows how she got on - brilliantly! I also love the fact that the hat is black very Darth Vader-esque. I may have to make a black one for my shop.

Talking of shops here are some photos from my Charity shop - shopping spree last week.
Such a cute hat with sparkles running throught it, just £2 and brand new. 

Buttons on shoes!!! Again brand new and only £3.

Two pairs of curtains and 2 vintage pillow cases - £2.50

A Sterling silver bracelet for only £1.25

Lastly how could I leave this Spiderman suit when it was only £3? Definitely worth it, look how happy he is.

Back to my patterns, I am now working on writing up my Molly hat pattern. Oh, and I have a fab bunting idea that I want to try out too. I'll show you the results of that soon.
B x

Friday, 20 March 2009

Is it to late to give a Christmas present in March?

I know its bad! I hope she will think they were worth the wait. They are for my friend Lindsay who lives in London (I'm in Leicester). We haven't seen each other since Christmas, however I am staying over for the weekend. Yipppee! There will be four of us and we are having a girlie night in tonight and hopefully hitting the town tomorrow night. I have found a 2 for 1 offer for
Wagamama, which I haven't told them about yet.

I love this yarn and have made countless pairs of socks and mitts with it. I must remember to make a pair of these  for me before I run out of yarn or it is discontiued - if it hasn't been already! 

You can just see my bag in the background of the photo above. I am all packed and ready to go, just enough time for a play in  the park in the gorgeous sunshine.


Before I go I'd like to say thanks to Lynsey (not the one from London) for my yankee wax melt. She sent me one in the post to try and now my house smells all lemony (If that is a word) and fresh. Lyns, your parcel actually ended up in a neighbours (she was in The Apprentice) garden. Luckily she found it and brought it around. 

I will be back from London on Sunday afternoon to spend the rest  of Mothers Day with the boys. Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums and make sure you get lots of chocolate and breakfast in bed. I had better go and meet the boys at the park.

B x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

For me, a Fair, Five, Fun, Food and Flashdance!

Last week was dominated by the letter F!! Here is the blanket I am making FOR ME, its not very often I make something for myself. I bought lots of this Rowan cotton rope a few weeks ago as it was reduced from £4.49 per 50g ball to just 99p. I just had to buy some - 18 balls to be precise. Most of those will be used for this project.

I love the wave stitch and the rainbow of colours and can't wait to finish it so I can start using it.

This is how my stall looked on Saturday at the Mothers Day craft FAIR I did. I was opposite the entrance which was fab as everyone saw me first. I had a really good day and met some lovely people.

Lucas was FIVE last week, I can't believe it. Where did the time go?  I am so proud of him. He has just been with Dan to spend his £45 birthday money and come back with a set of Ben 10 figures, and a tranformer for himself and a Thomas train for his little bro Isaac. It was all his own idea he said this morning I want to buy Isaac a Thomas train so he doesn't cry. I nearly cried! 

FUN - Three birthday parties including Lucas's and a Gymnastics Party. How much fun do those foam chips look? I really, really wanted to have a go - I had to keep reminding myself I am a grown up.

FUN - Ten pin bowling

Not so much FUN - Isaac has just let go of his balloon, he insisted he didn't need it tying around his wrist.

FOOD - Mountains of party food, birthday cake and a Pizza hut.

Oh and I won two tickets for FLASHDANCE and a preshow meal. I'm not much of a Theatre goer and have only been to one show before. Saying that Dan and I really enjoyed it and will definitely go and see another show soon. 
B x 

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Another Spring blog!!

I think we have a right to be excited about the fact that spring is approaching. The mornings getting lighter, the weather getting warmer, spring flowers growing  (especially Daffodils)....

To celebrate the coming of spring I have designed a new brooch. I wanted to make Daffs last spring but I always have a very long to do list and very little time to do it in.

I am so please with the way these have turned out and have been getting some nice comments when I have worn mine. I am selling them for £5 including postage and I will be donating £1 from each one sold this month to Macmillan Cancer Support .

Also I have been meaning to write about the oil burner that I bought from Lauren Ceramics on Folksy. I bought it for Dan for Valentines day and he really likes it, it has been used loads already. Lauren even sent some cinnamon oil with it which is lush but does make crave cakes and biscuits.

Whats next? I am finally writing up some of my knitting and crochet designs into patterns. As I am new to this I will be looking for some one to check my patterns. I will do a seperate blog for this soon but if you are interested please leave me a comment.