Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I have written my first pattern!

My Sir Lucas knight hat pattern is finally ready and for sale. It has taken a lot longer than I expected, I thought I could just type up my notes but I wanted to make sure it was just right. I have to admit I have had a little help with it from Emma Lamb. Who very kindly checked the pattern and gave me some very helpful suggestions.

I only emailed her the pattern last Wednesday and I got an email back on Monday to say she had finished it. The photograph below shows how she got on - brilliantly! I also love the fact that the hat is black very Darth Vader-esque. I may have to make a black one for my shop.

Talking of shops here are some photos from my Charity shop - shopping spree last week.
Such a cute hat with sparkles running throught it, just £2 and brand new. 

Buttons on shoes!!! Again brand new and only £3.

Two pairs of curtains and 2 vintage pillow cases - £2.50

A Sterling silver bracelet for only £1.25

Lastly how could I leave this Spiderman suit when it was only £3? Definitely worth it, look how happy he is.

Back to my patterns, I am now working on writing up my Molly hat pattern. Oh, and I have a fab bunting idea that I want to try out too. I'll show you the results of that soon.
B x


nickynackynoo said...

Love the helmet. Now if only I knew how to crochet....!

CAPow said...

VERY cute pattern! I would have never thought that making it black would make it look so Vader-esque. Love it!

bex said...

congratulations on your pattern, it looks very good!! and great charity shops finds!!

Beaky said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks! Capow - thanks also for making me realise I made a typo.
B x

louise35flower said...

Well done on the pattern, just wish I knew some little boys, we have all girls in my family!
That hat you bought is great too!

"Blog Artists" said...

I wish I knew how to knit! all my nephews would get one of these for Christmas this year if I's brilliant!

"Blog Artists" said...

Oh, sorry Crochet! Oh, maybe my Mum could!

emma lamb said...

Great charity shop finds, those shoes are so cute!

As soon as i posed the wee hat for a pic i saw the darth vader helmet... i can just imagine a whole tribe of wee boys wearing them and flailing their light sabers :)

I've posted the pic too over at my blog and linked to here and your etsy shop... best of luck with sales :)


Alison said...

The knight hat is actually fantastic! My son No2 would have loved that a few years ago.

Kitschy Coo said...

Congratulations! The love the hat, especially the black one :)

I wish we had charity shops like that around here, love the shoes the most!

Kitschy Coo said...

Erm, meant to say 'I' love the hat...

Lynsey said...

Fantastic charity shop buys and LOVING the helmets, fab!!

So my tinsy parcel had a bit of a journey then? =D

So glad you like the wax melt, I'm addicted to all things scented and flammable, lol!! - candles, wax melts, incense name it I love it!

Thanks, that would be fab if you sponsored me!!

Sherrin said...

GREAT patterns! My boys would love one of those. And the hat you scored is awesome.