Tuesday, 12 July 2011

(Was gonna be Monday then Tuesday but is now) Thursday manger doesn't have quite the same ring to it!

Oops sorry I'm a few days late. Such a busy foody and boozy weekend! Friday I had my mums hen do and we went to Terracotta which is an amazing all you can eat chinese buffet restaurant. I made sure I had lots of the expensive stuff like Salmon, Tiger prawns, Mussels and lets not forget the sushi (Oh how I love sushi!). We went for drinks after but as we had so much to eat we just sloughed on a big comfy sofa and couldn't move!

Saturday we went to Fins second birthday (all day) bbq. I think there were 3 or may be four rounds of food, my favourite being some super spicy tiger prawns. The party was at my friend Lucys inlaws. They have an amazing out door space and lots to keep the kids entertained for hours. We only left at 11pm cos the boys had finally had enough and just wanted to go to sleep. Funny they still managed to wake up at 8am the following morning. Far to much Cider and Pimms was consumed to get up that early - How rude! Thanks again to the Boyles for a fantastic day xxx

Sunday night I went for another meal this time at San Carlo a fantastic authentic Italian. We were celebrating Lozzie my sister inlaws 30th birthday. It was a lovely meal and a really nice get together.

To say that I was pooped after all that drinking and eating is an understatement. Was a bit of a zombie the next day. But I did manage to design this -

Its a poster for the village Gala in a few weeks.
Now I just need to pack for my hols!!

Really quick recipes this week -

Grate 1 carrot and 1 courgette, add some mayonnaise, freshly ground black pepper, mix and tada! Carrot and courgette coleslaw - Its delish!

I'll be back Mon 28th! B x

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wonderful wellies

Why? Well because I need a pair and just can't seem to make my mind up.

Heart buttons - £17.99 and free delivery

Knit print - These are the ones I really, really want but they only have size 3 available.
Boo hoo!!

Next lets meet the lovely Doris - Pink sweetpea print

Oh and I just had to include this kids pair - Botte Kenza. So wish they did this in an adults size 5 or that I had a girl to put them on!

At the mo I think my favs are the zebra print (apart from the knit one that I can't have!) but I am still looking and an very likely to change my mind a few times before I actually get around to ordering some. May be can help me decide. Which is your fav?

Obviously the most import thing about your wellies is that they keep your feet dry when splashing in puddles. A very close second for me is they must be FUN!

Seeya Monday!
B x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday manger - Courgettes, carrot, curry, chicken..... Oh and a parcel too

Oops never got around to posting on Thursday. I went the the allotment and planned to post photos but managed to forget my camera. Well I'm not really a morning person and its hard enough get me and the boys ready. Especially if its a morning after I have worked at the pub. Any way no photos of the actual allotment but we had our first harvest -

The courgettes are going crazy!

Baby carrots from pricking out, just couldn't throw these away so they went in a bolognaise.

1 radish is better than none.

This is only half our bounty as Debbie had the other. Have been again today and picked about 8 more courgettes. Any tasty recipes for these greatly would be great. Managed to remember the camera today just didn't get around to taking any piccies.

Also look a parcel. For moi?

Yes! Look at this amazing parcel notebook I received.

Sent by the lovely Justine (blog). Thanks x I love it!

She won some of my postcards and wanted to send me something in return, so it was more like a swap. These are available in here.

Heres the Chicken and chickpea curry I made last night it was delish (I added some spinach from the garden). The recipe is from the New curry secret by Kris Dhillon . If you want an authentic Indian restaurant curry this book is a must have.

Better see how dinner is doing. The chicken thighs I had in the fridge with todays us by date on were green!!!! Do you think courgette makes a good chicken substitute? Moroccan Courgette any one?

Back on Thurs,
B xxx