Thursday, 5 March 2009

Another Spring blog!!

I think we have a right to be excited about the fact that spring is approaching. The mornings getting lighter, the weather getting warmer, spring flowers growing  (especially Daffodils)....

To celebrate the coming of spring I have designed a new brooch. I wanted to make Daffs last spring but I always have a very long to do list and very little time to do it in.

I am so please with the way these have turned out and have been getting some nice comments when I have worn mine. I am selling them for £5 including postage and I will be donating £1 from each one sold this month to Macmillan Cancer Support .

Also I have been meaning to write about the oil burner that I bought from Lauren Ceramics on Folksy. I bought it for Dan for Valentines day and he really likes it, it has been used loads already. Lauren even sent some cinnamon oil with it which is lush but does make crave cakes and biscuits.

Whats next? I am finally writing up some of my knitting and crochet designs into patterns. As I am new to this I will be looking for some one to check my patterns. I will do a seperate blog for this soon but if you are interested please leave me a comment.


louise35flower said...

Those daffodils are so clever!

LYNS said...

oh so cute, and so clever of you! I love them!

We love oil burners, but have recently got into burning Yankee wax melts intead of burning oil xx

bex said...

your daffs look lovely.its great when the flowers start to pop up...crocuses look lovely when they are on the way up too

FruteJuce said...

Your daffs look really sweet. They bring good memories as they were one of my Dads favourite flowers.

Also thanks for being my first 'follower'.


Lauren said...

loving the daffs. they are fab. thanks for the mention. ;-)

Erin said...

Your daffodils are so darling and inviting. They radiate joy, eh?

emma lamb said...

hi Bonita, i love your daffodil brooches!
i would be interested in pattern testing for you, i'm fairly new to writing up patterns too, but it's invaluable to have someone else check them over. if you haven't already you could join ravelry. there are pattern testing groups on there, one especially is for people who are happy to test patterns for free. there are also groups for budding designers where you can throw out questions and get great feedback.
i hope this is helpful to you... :)


Blog Artists said...

Your creations are great, I am so happy to have come across your Blog...I love your little profile write up...they buy your things because they're beautiful!
Nice to meet you!

Lynsey said...

Yankee Wax Melts, they are delicious scented candle wax type things you put in the top of a oil burner instead of oil (as long as the top is wide enough)
I have lots here, if you email me your address I'll send you one of mine to try!! xx

Mr Lee said...

Good!!very nice!!

welcome to my new blog

willing to exchange and share the views with the you concerned.

Fabric Nation said...

Lovely flowers!

Beaky said...

You guys!!! Thanks for all your lovely comments, I must write it down before I forget how to do it.

B x