Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Personal (ised) Shopper

I just love my new bags.

(I feel a new shop banner coming along - When I can figure out how to do it again!)

These are proving to be v. popular. I have already had orders for 8!

They are now listed in both my UK and US shops.

Theres always that worry that you wont sell that new item you have made that you think is fantastic.

I also worried about the price like I always do. But then I figure people appreciate the amount of time that goes in to making something like this. It is nice to be appreciated, of course I help by explaining that they are hand cut and sewn.

Apparently they are all the rage a moment with the tweens to take their books to school. They will definitely stand out amongst the pile of school bags.

I have finally set to making some more peg bags this week. I spent 6 hours straight (well I had the odd break) designing, cutting and sewing.

(Heres Isaac photo of me looking very excited about that!)

Which is a rarity at the mo. I'm lucky if I get 2 hours and thats normally once the kids have gone to bed.

Any how heres a sneaky peeky.

I will share the finished ones soon.

So the kids are off again next week and we are camping in Matlock this weekend and going to watch Monster trucks at Pride Park. Which I think I am more excited about than the boys.

(Isaac playing Monster Trucks with Dustbin.)

Well better go do some packing. What you up to?
Have fun!
B xxx