Friday, 20 March 2009

Is it to late to give a Christmas present in March?

I know its bad! I hope she will think they were worth the wait. They are for my friend Lindsay who lives in London (I'm in Leicester). We haven't seen each other since Christmas, however I am staying over for the weekend. Yipppee! There will be four of us and we are having a girlie night in tonight and hopefully hitting the town tomorrow night. I have found a 2 for 1 offer for
Wagamama, which I haven't told them about yet.

I love this yarn and have made countless pairs of socks and mitts with it. I must remember to make a pair of these  for me before I run out of yarn or it is discontiued - if it hasn't been already! 

You can just see my bag in the background of the photo above. I am all packed and ready to go, just enough time for a play in  the park in the gorgeous sunshine.


Before I go I'd like to say thanks to Lynsey (not the one from London) for my yankee wax melt. She sent me one in the post to try and now my house smells all lemony (If that is a word) and fresh. Lyns, your parcel actually ended up in a neighbours (she was in The Apprentice) garden. Luckily she found it and brought it around. 

I will be back from London on Sunday afternoon to spend the rest  of Mothers Day with the boys. Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums and make sure you get lots of chocolate and breakfast in bed. I had better go and meet the boys at the park.

B x


emma lamb said...

have a fab weekend B!

i use one of the clean cotton yankeee candle tarts in my wardrobe as a freshner, the scent lasts such a long time... :)


bex said...

the socks look awesome.ohhhh waggamamma's...i love their food. have a lovely time!