Wednesday, 11 March 2009

For me, a Fair, Five, Fun, Food and Flashdance!

Last week was dominated by the letter F!! Here is the blanket I am making FOR ME, its not very often I make something for myself. I bought lots of this Rowan cotton rope a few weeks ago as it was reduced from £4.49 per 50g ball to just 99p. I just had to buy some - 18 balls to be precise. Most of those will be used for this project.

I love the wave stitch and the rainbow of colours and can't wait to finish it so I can start using it.

This is how my stall looked on Saturday at the Mothers Day craft FAIR I did. I was opposite the entrance which was fab as everyone saw me first. I had a really good day and met some lovely people.

Lucas was FIVE last week, I can't believe it. Where did the time go?  I am so proud of him. He has just been with Dan to spend his £45 birthday money and come back with a set of Ben 10 figures, and a tranformer for himself and a Thomas train for his little bro Isaac. It was all his own idea he said this morning I want to buy Isaac a Thomas train so he doesn't cry. I nearly cried! 

FUN - Three birthday parties including Lucas's and a Gymnastics Party. How much fun do those foam chips look? I really, really wanted to have a go - I had to keep reminding myself I am a grown up.

FUN - Ten pin bowling

Not so much FUN - Isaac has just let go of his balloon, he insisted he didn't need it tying around his wrist.

FOOD - Mountains of party food, birthday cake and a Pizza hut.

Oh and I won two tickets for FLASHDANCE and a preshow meal. I'm not much of a Theatre goer and have only been to one show before. Saying that Dan and I really enjoyed it and will definitely go and see another show soon. 
B x 


louise35flower said...

Wow that crochet looks great and what a bargain the yarn was!

I used to sneak in the ball pit at my kids birthday parties, very naughty but really good fun! I also recall getting kicked off the inflatable castle with two other Mums at their daughters party, I set such a good example for my children! :P

bex said...

i used to do gymnastics, and not only do they look like fun...they are in fact very very fun!!! the blanker looks great, the colours are soo jolly

Lynsey said...

I can't believe you never jumped into those foam chips!!! I would have, haha! Well done on winning the theatre trip!! xx

FruteJuce said...

I love the flower brooches on your table. They are really nice. Good one on bagging the table near the door!

jennyflower said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by the Makey do blog. I have just had a lovely mooch around yours, what lovely things you do make! Think the next 'do' will have to be 'up North' as I've had so much interest from your neck of the woods. Jen xxxx

KirstyFish said...

what a feeling.......
seeing's believing......
i can have it all
now i'm dancing for ... my lifeeee

Beaky said...

Oh, of course I always go down the slides at Bumpi's even though the signs says no adults. I also make sure I get a go on the bouncey castle at parties.

Bex - I wish I had done gynastics now instaed of dancing. It looks at lot more fun.
B x