Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snowing again! Yay!

Ok so I am a little slow with the snow photos. Here is my eldest Lucas on Tuesday at the park where we had lots of fun in the snow.
This is Isaac, jumping off snow mountain. Well its more like a mound really, but we do like to use our imagination.
The snow man, I must admit we cheated some one else had made a giant snow ball and we just added a head.
Lucas giving the snowman some arms .Yes, they are a little on the small side but we didn't tell him that. After all he went to the effort of hunting for sticks and was so proud of himself.
The hat and scarf would not be my choice but were kindly loned by one of Lucas' friends. I love this photo all the boys together, mine are the two in the middle.

There has been even more snow today! Another trip to the park on the way how from school, I think and more photos too!
B x

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