Sunday, 8 February 2009

Hello doll face!

I have decided I needed to write about my babushka dolls, they seem to be very popular at the moment. I cut out enough to make 100 and still found it wasn't enough. Heres a pile ready to be sewn.

I love making these little dolls they are so bright and lovely and they make me smile. Some have Lavender in so stuffing them is very relaxing. My boys always get really excited by them and always want to play with them. So much so that I have given them one each, with lavender of course.

I had to take lots of photos of the dolls to use on Etsy and Folksy. I think they look great all lined up like this.

I even think they look cute all packed up, even though it feels a little cruel to wrap them in plastic! Yes, i know they're not real. I have one as a pincushion and I can't bring myself to put pins in her face. 

Where she sells pottery if you hadn't guessed.

Phew they are keeping me busy and I still have outstanding orders for 20ish. B x


louise35flower said...

They all look so lovely especially lined up in a row!
I have the same feeling when I wrap up my Miffy purses and post them off! Especially when they go overseas!!

Fibrespace said...

They look fantastic, I love make job lots because they look so good grouped together.

Erin said...

I can see why you have so many outstanding orders! Awesome. I've never see Baba dolls other than the wooden ones. Very cool & unique idea.

Anonymous said...

I just found you via this post,115.0.html on coriandr and I am so glad! I am obsessed by matrioska dolls and I love your little babuska hanging dolls! I can see myself running amok come payday!

I am wondering where you get your blank jute bags from though. I have been searchinghigh and low to get some for painting on and can I find them? No!

Anyway, awesome blog, loving it muchly <3