Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mirror, Mirror.....

Wow! I can't believe my luck, my bunting was featured in the Mirror last Thursday (Jan 29th).

Here is the full page,  its such a lovely photo too. I had to send my bunting off for a photo shot, after which it was kindly returned to me. I was told it would be in on the 22nd so have been pestering my local shop every day for a peek at the paper.
I also had to add this photo of the robot Lucas (Age 4) made. It is Burn:e from Wall:e. I think it is fab, he is so imaginative with his Lego.
Some bunting in progress, I have had a few orders thanks to the publicity.

Want to check out my workspace? The very talented Lauren will be featuring some piccies on her blog this week. I plan to blog about her and something I have recently purchased from her shop. It is a gift for a special someone.
Bye for now, B x

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