Friday, 30 January 2009


Ok so I wanted to join in the crockery showing. I store my needles in my midwinter coffee pot bought from ebay. Used once as a teapot and the tea stained the crazing on it so it was demoted to a needle holder. Also my Petra Boase mug that I dearnt use for fear of breaking.

More mid winter the top of the teapot and I have 6 of these cups and saucers but they are far to small to use. I used to have dinner plates but could never find any bowls to match. After many years of using a mismatching dinner service I have replaced them with a Habitat one. We bought it last Christmas with vouchers we asked for. 
I love these, bought at a car boot for not very much. The stall holder only had these two and  my birthday is in June and the mans (Dan) is in November. They had to be purchased.
Oh and how cute are these? There are four children in our family all with unusual names - Leon, Jordan, Sharna and Bonita. Growing up you couldn't get anything with your name on, until my mum found someone making these. I was so chuffed when I was given these recently.
Well thats enough crockery for one day. Hope you have enjoyed mine and their stories.
B x


Pixiedust said...

Hi Beaky, Thanks for popping by my blogshop. The gingerbread men apart from the mini garland are all still available and I have a garland on etsy which is still available or I could make you you one. Hope this helps, and thanks for visiting. (((((hugs)))) Pixiedust. xxx

nickynackynoo said...

Love your crockery! I too have Petra Boase mugs - 3 of them and I love them so much. I also have other favourite mugs but had also planned to blog about them a couple of weeks ago - it seems there's a craze!

Lauren said...

love the midwinter pottery. thanks for sharing it!