Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Beaky, beaky, beak, beak,

A very Beaky table cloth for the the dining room.

Its been nice to make something for me for a change.

Oh and what do you think of my new chandelier ? Bought with Christmas money. Bet you can't guess where its from.

and here's my first attempt at a wallet, well its more of a clutch purse really. It has spaces for cards, a zippered part for change and an elasticated loop with a keybring to keep it closed. This also fits the wrist when not being used to keep the clutch closed. You could probably even fit your phone in it - I must check that.

More home improvements coming soon.

B x


Wendy said...

Love that table cloth! Is it laminated fabric?

Beaky said...

Yes its laminated on the back. Isn't it great? So far it is holding up to the kids spills! x