Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wonderful wellies

Why? Well because I need a pair and just can't seem to make my mind up.

Heart buttons - £17.99 and free delivery

Knit print - These are the ones I really, really want but they only have size 3 available.
Boo hoo!!

Next lets meet the lovely Doris - Pink sweetpea print

Oh and I just had to include this kids pair - Botte Kenza. So wish they did this in an adults size 5 or that I had a girl to put them on!

At the mo I think my favs are the zebra print (apart from the knit one that I can't have!) but I am still looking and an very likely to change my mind a few times before I actually get around to ordering some. May be can help me decide. Which is your fav?

Obviously the most import thing about your wellies is that they keep your feet dry when splashing in puddles. A very close second for me is they must be FUN!

Seeya Monday!
B x


Personalised Photo Jewellery said...

Hi! I like the heart button ones (if you don't mind baby blue...). Just one small advice: I recommend buying them one size bigger, I got some pink 'cowboy style' ones for Xmas, they are lovely and are my usual size but are absolutely killing me and can't wear them for more than 5 mins! Good luck choosing. martina x

Beaky said...

Good advice Martina thanks. Also if they are a size bigger theres plenty of room for those chunky socks in the winter. If I get this pair I will have to buy a new rain coat as my old one would so clash. Oh what a shame!! Off i go to check out rain coats x

Becci bunny said...

i also like the heart button ones or the knit ones but i know you cant have those. ither the heart button ones or the red polka dot :)

Secret Diary of a Craft Girl said...

The knit print ones are amazing!