Thursday, 7 April 2011

Postcards from Leicester

I am being really indecisive which isn't unusual, I am always the last to choose at a resturant. The other reason I am always last is that I'm to busy jabbering to look at the menu. Any way I just can't make my mind up so want your help. In return for your help one lucky person will recieve a set of my postcards. I am wanting to have some more of my photographs made into postcards. So here are the photos.....

1. Old and new alight

2. Barbed wire

3. Sprayed bird

4. Pin pot

5. Bamboo

6. The corridor

7. Umbrella

8. The sandman (drawn by Lucas age 5)

9. Sunshine factory

10. Looks like rain

11. Turquoise just need to -

1 Comment letting me know your favourite and email adress
2 Follow my blog

Closing date is 5th May 2011 and the winner will recieve a set of 10 postcards with envelopes. There are currently 3 designs available in my shop.

Also I would appreciate any comments you have about my photographs both positive and negative.

Good luck!
B xx

P.s. Just thought I would also mention that all of these photographs have been taken by me on a digital camera and have not been enhanced in any way (apart from some cropping!).


Secret Diary of a Craft Girl said...

I think the pin pot picture is great as it keeps in style with your other postcards and your collection as a whole.

However having said that I can see that you might want to move away from craft style postcards so with that in mind I think the bamboo picture is also a good choice as it has a lovely pattern and a nice contrast of light and dark.

I can’t decide between the two!! But I hope this may help :)

Justine x

Beaky said...

Hi Justine,

Thank you taking part! seeing as you made the only comment you are the winner. The only other person that commented was my mate Pippa. Email me your address and I will get them sent next week

Thanks again,
B x