Monday, 21 March 2011

Lets do some baking baby

I love to bake, cook, eat.........well anything to do with food really. Last weekend was spent baking for my sons Birthday party. To celebrate all things foody here are a few food finds that I just love.

Babushka measuring cups

I came across these beauties a few months ago and just had to have them. I can't remember where I bought mine but PLAY have them for just under a tenner - bargain! I didn't actually need them as I bought these from M and S last year -

At least they have come in handy for display purposes!

I am also loving these cake stands. They are plastic, you can take them apart and stack them in reverse and they are available in loads of great colours. They also do a baby version that you can add to the top. I'm gonna go for red as When the kitchen is finally finished it will be white with red utensils etc. I will use it as a fruit stand and obviously a cake stand on special occasions.

If you have read my older posts you will see his bday was a few weeks ago (organised as ever!).
I am a pretty good cook (hope that doesn't sound cocky) but have always struggled to bake cakes. When i say cakes I don't mean muffins or cupcakes, I can make then - easy! I reaaly struggle with big cakes. Thank you so much Delia (yes Smith - she knows her stuff) for your help and guidence. The cakes came out perfectly as I followed the recipe to the ounce.

Remember use exact measurements, tin stated in the recipe and preheat your oven, then you can't really go wrong. To think I always blamed my crappy oven, when it was just me.

Tada! The finished Hogwarts cake.

I also made some number 7 biscuits.....

...... blueberry muffins, sandwiches for the grown ups, lime and raspberry jelly for the kids (the growns enjoyed this as much as the kids!) and other party treats. The kids where so hungry after all the running around at the multisports party that it didn't last long!

I'm already thinking about when I can do my next cake so I can improve even more. May be my sister will let me do Lexi's in August but can I wait that long?

Whats cooking?
B x


Gaby said...

I'm so impressed with your cake! And I love all your kitchen finds!

Beaky said...

Thanks Gaby!