Thursday, 10 February 2011


Parenthood is the hardest thing you will do in your life but also by far the most rewarding. I love the Steve Martin film so much it really should be a classic. If you are a parent and haven't seen it, you must! From trying to take photos to kids dressing up naked but for a cowboy hat and holster. It is hilarious and you should own a copy for when you have had a trying day with the kids.

The reason I was thinking about this film is because I have a parents evening for my 6 year old tonight and I am very nervous. His last parents eve was pretty upsetting, I ended up blubbing! I don't really agree with the way they grade the kids at such a young age and am not bothered about him being the top of the class. What really upset me was that he got D for both effort and attitude. I know that he has improved as he got an achievement award recently for having improved so much. I can't help being nervous though. I am just hoping if I cry this time they will be tears of joy.

I was watching clips of the film Parenthood this morning and found out (I am a little slow when it comes to new TV shows) that NBC have done an adaptation of the 1989 film. The first season is now on DVD and you can watch the episodes here. I hope its good! Sounds like it should be, does any one know when it will air in the UK? Or have I missed it?

Another plus is that Peter (Eye candy) Krause from Six Feet Under is in it.

Wish me luck!
B x

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