Monday, 24 January 2011

Today Something Wonderful Will Happen!

I just couldn't wait until Thursday to share this! Should that be two wonderful things?

First I spotted my scarf on the Folksy front page -
I was also happy to see Inkmeup there with her little brown wrens.

I bought one of the lavender cats to give as a Christmas pressie for a cat lover, it was so cute and my friend loved it. She has a selection of lavender bags, notebooks, and prints all featuring her beautiful illustrations.

Also got a lovely mail to say I was in an Etsy treasury -


This Fresh Team Treasury was created with at least one brand new fresh listing on Etsy.
You do not need to be a member of our team for us to consider featuring your new item in a beautiful collection. If you have a fresh brand new item, please follow the link below and drop off your brand new items anytime:

Etsy forum thread

Just thought this was such a lovely idea for a treasury and urge any one who sells on etsy and has a new project click on the link above. I'm gonna post my lavender owls on there. Be sure to pop in on ZionShores shop while your there which sells beautiful handmade gemstone jewellery.

Thanks for reading, speak Thurs

B x


Lynsey said...

Oh I do love that scarf *scarf love* :)

Anonymous said...
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Beaky said...

Thank you for the scarf love Lynsey xx