Thursday, 27 January 2011

The new coat

So I have been searching for a really warm coat for months and had to resort to borrowing my pregnant friend Lucys coat. Well she wasn't going to fit in it! Heres the coat -

Available @

... and heres a slightly blurry photo of me in the coat. Its so lovely and cuddly the boys keep knicking it and using it as a blanket.

That was the day a few weeks ago when I asked Isaac

"What would you like to do today?"
Isaac "Have a picnic"

Well the sun was out who cares if it January, a picnic at the park we had. It was great fun until I split my trousers trying to get on the death slide!! Note to self - Skinny jeans and fun at the park do Not mix. Luckily my coat covered it!

This is the hat that I made Scarlet. Yes you guessed it Lucys (FOURTH!!!!!!!!) baby has now arrived and she is beautiful. Lucy got her coat back just in time.

Til next Thurs - I want to share a few new products with you.
B xxx

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