Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A ray of sunshine on a wet Monday morning.

I love it!  It cheered me up no end on a wet and windy morning. This is my Pay it forward gift from Emma at Stitching magpie.

I have already hung it on the fireplace, if I had a potting shed I would hang it in there. I dream of having a potting shed one day, oh and a huge green house. I imagine it to be like this -

Yes, that is Kew Gardens! Well a girl can dream can't she.

I have been meaning to show you some of the family photo shoot piccies. We have been meaning to have some done for a while, so when I won a voucher in a charity raffle it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The ones of the boys came out really nicely, however the ones of me and Dan were all really cheesy. Why do they make you pose in such silly ways. For one particular photo the photographer had me and Dan laying on our stomachs with noses touching. Lets just say this wasn't the best idea as we both have fair sized conks!

Any way better get back to the crochet, need to get it finished to mail today.
B x


Alison said...

Have you noticed they have your greenhouse as the google picture for today, how nice of them.

Beaky said...

Hee hee! Well spotted!

Lynsey said...

LOL at Alison's comment! I noticed that too ;-)
You should put the photo shoot ones of you up too, oh go on ;-)

Anonymous said...


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