Friday, 13 February 2009

I saw them and had to buy them!

I love getting parcels even when I know what is coming. I get all excited like a child and tear them open the minute they arrive. I got these today aren't they just wonderful? I saw them and just had to buy them, I knew they would be great for put some crafty bits and bobs in.

As you can see they are! These gorgeous felt beads are from Kirsty, the lovely lady behind Paperfish. She has a shop a few shops on Etsy and one so far on Folksy (I'm sure there will be more). I am going to be making these in to simple little stretchy bracelets as they sell really well when I do craft fairs.

I also recieved my jute bags, these have been popular and I have some new designs planned.

I have already been busy and finished one of the new bags, its a new colour too. I love these bright Dala horses. These will also be available with a red, yellow or blue horse.

With my jutes came my new packing bags. I usually buy packs from one of the many pound shops in Leicester, but the last time I tried I couldn't find them anywhere. It worked out cheaper to buy in bulk and they are eco friendly. 

With a choice of black white or pink, it had to be pink.
B x


Mollimoo said...

Where did you get those gorgeous tins, if you don't mind me asking?!
They are lovely.

Bairbre Aine said...

I simply love the tins!
I'm curious as well, from where you acquired these.
The felted beads are wonderfully coloured! Oooohhh such fantastic projects to make with them!
Hope your weekend is a creative one.

emma lamb said...

Yay for tins :)
I love your jute bags too!

Beaky said...

I bought them on ebay! I wish I could have had a crafty weekend too, but Dan was working was today and I worked tonight. I will try to fit some craft in tomorrow (today!).
Bonita x

Erin said...

ooooooooooh. I totally love that felt. I know a good place to buy heaps of felt balls and cutouts. You've re-inspired this massive necklace project I want . .. gotta do that before felt makes me sweat in the summah!

KirstyFish said...

:) mmmmm matroyshka!

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

The little Russian tins are Love love love!