Thursday, 10 March 2011

Love - is it real?

Over heard some ladies about 10 years older than me (I'm 32) at the work tonight talking about love. They were saying it doesn't really exist and that you think you are in love for the first 18 months and then you are just friends! I know they are all still with their partners and all have kids. I like to think I am still in love with my man (even though he may irriate me like hell some days and I'm sure I do him) and if they really think this why are they all still with their men. How would they feel if they left tomorrow? Is love real?

I remember being upset when Dan said he loved the kids more than me but kind of know what he means.

On a lighter note heres a lovely treasury from mmacdougall8 -

What doesn't say love like a heart shaped jam tart for Valentines day? Made with love and homemade blackberry jam just for Dan!

I have to admit the idea came from Isaac my 4 year old. wheni said we were making jam tarts he thought I said "jam hearts!"
B x


Beaky said...

Oh and ment to say hot cute are those mustachio booties?

Lola said...

What a nice surprise to find my purse locket necklace on your blog!

bottlecrop said...

Thanks for sharing this - & it's great to get a look at your blog!

meghan said...

Love this collection! But especially the Matryoshka hanging dolls....they are definitely going on my wishlist!

Beaky said...

Ah thanks Meghan! I am so glad to have my dolls on your wishlist xx