Thursday, 3 February 2011

Owls, Gnomes, Babushkas - Oh my!

Ok so its time to tell you about some of my new handmade goodies. I have been trying to come up with an owl design for some time. So on a cold January evening I felt inspired to get out my pencil and sketch pad. Isn't it funny? Some days you can draw and draw and draw some more but you just can't come up with that great design you are looking for. Then on other days it just appears on the paper with very little effort. That winters evening was definitely the latter - yippeeee!

So excited was I that I had all the felt cut out and was playing around with ribbons, buttons and fabrics. I can often be found doing this for no other reason than I like looking at them, sorting them, eating them..... Well may be not eating them but you've got to admit some of these buttons look good enough to eat.

This one would make a perfect pincushion.

Hang them by the fire - Not to close though, I don't want be responsible for anybodys house burning down!

Pop one in your underwear drawer for nice fresh undies.

Carry one in your hangbag and wip it out and take a big sniff when the kids are driving you potty.

Hang in your wardrobe to keep moths at bay.

Oh and remember I am always happy to make some with out lavender, I know not everyone loves lavender like I do.

I don't really have much to say about this except that I love gnomes! Not enough to have a garden full, enough to make a Gnomey brooch . I do think they are cute and cheerful and they make me smile.

What silly things make you smile?

Lastly my babushka purses. I made a few of these last year and found them a real pain to make. I realised I was going about it the wrong way and now they are a breeze. I really, really love these and hope you do to.

I use mine to carry my business cards, you can get at least 20 (yes I have counted!) in it.

Think thats enough from me. Loads to do and I'm off to London for the weekend with the girls so really should do some ironing and packing. Child free weekend - Yay! I love them but I love time away from them.

Thanks for reading,
B x


Avalon Cat Comics said...

Love the owl designs... Really cute... I'm Avalon by the way. I'm a cat and I'm the star of my own comics at You can also spot me in movies from time to time. Purrrrrs and headbonks.

Beaky said...

Thanks for stopping by Avalon. May be we will have a romance on our hands - the owl and the pussycat. Funny I am planning a set along those lines.
Hoots and blinks.