Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The cutest little teacup ride.....

How cute is this? I didn't pay for a ride but thought I should put Isaac in it or I might look a little loopy photographing a ride with no child in. Isaac clearly isn't impressed!

The model village

The boys and the Thomas'! We got the little Thomas from a grabby machine, I know they are a con but the boys love watching you have a go. Then every now and then you get lucky, Isaac is so chuffed as you can see.

Writing our names in the sand. It must be easier writing your name with a finger than with a pencil, this is Lucas' best writing ever.

Sausage and chips any one?  Well you can't go to the seaside and not visit the chip shop. Lucas can highly recommend then - he ate the lot! Dan and I had Fish and chips of course but don't think any one wants to see us eating.

The beach - the boys playing in the sand. 

We only went for 2 days but still had lots of fun in Skeg. It was still a little chilly but at least it was dry and the sun made an appearance on the second day too. Yay!
B x


louise35flower said...

It looks like you all had a great time, a classic bit of English seaside fun!!

Micki said...

Ooh you can't beat a bit of skegvegas ;)
Looks like you had fun.

Micki x

bex said...

ahhh skegness!! you have to love it! glad you had a great time!

theothermousie said...

Skegness ,wow, now that takes me back! Hope you don't mind me stopping by, I stumbled across your blog, didn't know you are a fellow East Midlander!

The boys look like they are having a fab time too awww.

Hope you don't mind me stopping by again!

Best wishes

Sarah x

disa said...